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A tree for a laugh 🎭🌳

🌳News from Ace Lips Events 🌳

Swapping a Laugh, For a Tree


The line-up of a Comedy show can mean, comedians have travelled from all over the UK to appear at the show here in Rochdale and Comedy Events around the local area.

It got Ace Lips thinking! 🤔💭

How many miles does a comedian travel to appear on a stage, how much does this cost the comedian in fuel, what impact does this have on the environment?🌳

The best comedians don’t always live in the next town and audiences have had enough of on-line performances, so how can Ace Lips try to make amends for bringing some of the best acts on the comedy circuit, to Rochdale?🤔

Looking at the carbon footprint of a comedian, we started to think of Trees and how they are useful to compensate the CO2 spent by vehicles

Did you know? When trees grow, they convert CO2 to carbohydrates (sugar). They do this by photosynthesis, and this process forms building blocks of the tree. The oxygen that is produced is actually a side effect of this carbon sequestering. While the tree grows it keeps converting CO2 to grow tall and strong. 🎭🌳👣

A young tree is still small and converts less, but as the tree grows bigger it also absorbs more Co2.

A young tree absorbs about 5900 gram CO2 per year, while a 10 year old tree absorbs almost 22.000 gram per year.

A Comedian travelling from London to Rochdale to appear on stage spends, 0.05 tonnes of CO2*

*Based on travelling 225 miles in a EU 2018 AUDI A3 Hatchback 2.0 TDI 184PS 17'' wheels, M6


By taking these numbers we can calculate the average CO2 that is absorbed by a tree during his lifetime.

To make this more substantial we convert the absorption per tree, to the CO2 capture per acre.🌳🌳

When you run the stats, it turns out that one acre of forest absorbs about 2.5 tons of CO2 per year, we don’t have that many acres of Forest, so Ace Lips wanted to help by donating a tree for every Comedy Show we host, to be planted within the Borough of Rochdale with help from Rochdale Borough Council🌳🎭

At every show we will accepting donations that will be given to the The Woodland Trust, and from profits made on the night of a comedy show, a tree will be purchased, to be planted within the borough of Rochdale.🎭🌳

Tickets for all shows can be found here

We will Leaf you with these facts and hope you branch out and attend a comedy night to help the Comedy Club plant roots at the The Old Court Room Comedy Club, Rochdale above The Flying Horse Rochdale Town Centre


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