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Ace Lips Comedy: Spreading Laughter and Good Causes Across Greater Manchester

In the heart of Rochdale, above the historic Flying Horse pub, Ace Lips Comedy has not only been entertaining crowds with uproarious laughter but also using its comedic prowess to make a positive impact in the community. Founder Rick Attwood, with a heart as big as his humour, has steered the ship toward not just comedic excellence,

Ace Lips Comedy's involvement in events to raise funds for Paint Altrincham Blue (Andy's Man Club and Prostrate Cancer UK) known for its commitment to community engagement and creating awareness, brought laughter to Altrincham while supporting a cause that aims to support Men's Mental Health and Prostrate cancer awareness. The events were not just about the jokes; they were a testament to the power of laughter in fostering a sense of community and contributing to local initiatives.

Ace Lips Comedy's humorous appeal was also evident in Littleborough, where the club organised a comedy event to garner community support for Littleborough in Pink, raising awareness and money for Cancer Research UK. Laughter became a force for good, bringing people together and raising donations. Ace Lips Comedy has demonstrated that comedy can be a beneficial change agent, transcending amusement to become a driving force for community improvement.

Ace Lips Comedy's relationship with the Salford Rum Distillery was a unique twist in the company's history. The combination of humour and alcohol resulted in an unparalleled mix of laughter and libations. This cooperation not only displayed Ace Lips Comedy's flexibility, but also added a sense of levity to the distillery's unique atmosphere.

Rick Attwood's passion to social duty extends beyond the stage, as seen by his participation in the "Laughter for a Tree" initiative. Ace Lips Comedy is spreading seeds of change by collaborating with environmental causes, enabling laughter to develop into constructive action to support reducing the clubs carbon footprint. Attwood's commitment to this cause exemplifies the club's conviction in using laughter not just as a source of entertainment but also as a force for good in the world.

As Ace Lips Comedy celebrates 2023 in The Old Court Room, the club's journey is marked not just by laughter but also by the beneficial impact it has made in Altrincham, Littleborough, Rochdale and beyond. Ace Lips Comedy's blend of comedy and community support has become a hallmark, setting a pattern for how humour can be a catalyst for change, one laugh at a time.

In the whirlwind of laughter that has defined Ace Lips Comedy's journey through 2023, an impressive array of comedic talent has graced the stage. From the witty observations of Hayley Ellis to the uproarious humour of Eddie Fortune, the club has become a melting pot of comedic brilliance.

Nina Gilligan, Dave Twentyman, and Martin Mor have left audiences in stitches, while the irreverent charm of Karl Porter and the comedic stylings of Lou Conran and Jenny Hart have become synonymous with Ace Lips Comedy's unique brand of humour.

The diverse line-up continued with the likes of Alexandra Haddow, Tony Basnett, and Chris Washington, each bringing their own flavour to the stage. Special appearances by Clinton Baptiste, Ignacio Lopez, and Percy Savage added an extra layer of hilarity, creating nights to remember.

Alex Camp, Alexandra Stringer, and Mike Carter joined the ranks of fantastic comedians, sharing the spotlight with Jack Miller, Lilly Phillips, and Dan Tiernan. Scott Bennett, LJ Francis, Ash Preston, Kevin McDonnell, Kev Finn and Mike Wilkinson brought their comedic prowess, while Annabelle Dave, Tommy Cannon, and The Harper Brothers added a touch of nostalgia and seasoned humour.

The laughter kept rolling with Ryan Kenny, Anna Thomas, Anthony Williams, and the larger-than-life Big Lou. Sam Harland, Steve Royle, and Dominic Woodward continued to captivate audiences, and Graeme Rayner, Jules Obrian, and Jonny Brook added their unique comedic hues.

Melina Fiol, Patrick Monahan, Joanne Sarginson, and Kat Molinari contributed to the rich tapestry of comedy, while Howard Walker, Charlie Lewis, Aaron Wood, and Hannah Silvester showcased the depth of comedic talent.

Justina Seselskaite, Tony Burgess, Harriet Dyer, and Sil Shahzad brought their own brand of humour, and Natalie Husdan, Jacob Nussey, and many more made Ace Lips Comedy a hub for laughter, making 2023 a year to remember in the vibrant world of stand-up comedy.

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