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Comedians of 2023

In 2023, Ace Lips Comedy Nights distinguished itself as a premier platform for laughter, featuring an extraordinary lineup of comedians that left an indelible mark on the audience. The comedic brilliance on display included:

- Dave Twentyman: A maestro of quick wit and charm, Dave set the comedic tone with his affable stage presence.

- Nina Gilligan: Known for her sharp and sassy humor, Nina delighted the audience with her distinctive comedic style.

- Lou Conran: Infusing each performance with infectious energy, Lou's humor resonated, creating a lively atmosphere.

- Haley Ellis: Bringing a perfect blend of relatable anecdotes and impeccable timing, Haley showcased her comedic prowess.

- Patrick Monahan: A master of engagement, Patrick's charismatic presence and interactive humor made each show memorable.

- Karen Bayley: With keen observational skills, Karen's comedic insights provided a delightful and relatable experience.

- Eddie Fortune: Charismatic and entertaining, Eddie added flair to the lineup with his unique comedic perspective.

-Harriet Dyer: Quirky, animated comedian with unpredictable humor and infectious energy.

- Chris Washington: Clever and relatable, Chris's comedic delivery resonated, earning him laughs and applause.

- Clinton Baptiste: Mysterious and enigmatic, Clinton added a touch of intrigue to the comedic proceedings.

- Karl Porter, Tony Basnett, Tony Burgess, Big Lou, Charlie Lewis, Mike Carter, Antony Williams, Ian Hamilton, Alex Stringer, Jonny Brook, Graeme Rayner, Jules Obrian, Dan Tiernan,Ash Preston, Jack Miller, Tal Davies, Alex Camp, Percy Savage, Jimmy Shirley, Seeta Wrightson: This ensemble of diverse talents enriched the comedic palette, showcasing the depth of humor within the Ace Lips Comedy Nights.

- Martin Mor: A classic and seasoned performer, Martin brought a timeless touch to the stage.

- Jenny Hart, Lily Philips, and Scott Bennett: Each contributing their unique flair, these comedians added layers of humor, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

- Anna Thomas, Dawn Bailey, and Ignacio Lopez: This trio brought diversity and depth to the shows, offering a range of comedic perspectives.

Collectively, these comedians made Ace Lips Comedy Nights in 2023 an unmissable and unforgettable series of laughter-filled events, demonstrating the rich and diverse landscape of contemporary comedy.

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