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Headliner Michael Legge

Michael is a highly respected comedian with an extensive career in the comedy industry. He has achieved great success as a headliner and has received multiple awards for his comedic talent. Michael has had the opportunity to perform at numerous clubs and venues, giving him a wealth of experience.

In addition to his live performances, Michael has had a notable presence in the media. He has served as a presenter on MTV and has been featured in stand-up shows such as Stewart Lee's Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central. His distinctive voice has also been heard on various radio platforms, including BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 6, and Absolute Radio, where he co-hosted The Dave Gorman Show in 2012.

With an impressive resume, Michael has successfully presented 11 shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His most recent show, 'Idiot,' is also available on ITVX through Next Up Comedy.

Recognition for Michael's work includes a Sony Award and a nomination for a prestigious BAFTA award. He has entertained audiences across the world, demonstrating his versatility and skill in the field. It's safe to say that Michael has a comprehensive repertoire of accomplishments in his comedic career.

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